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The Jacksonville Justice Association (JJA) is a dynamic organization designed to educate, support and advocate for its members and the people they represent. Its mission is to protect the rights of the individual, advance trial advocacy skills and promote high ethical standards and professionalism in the ongoing effort to preserve and improve the American system of jurisprudence. As the JJA continues strives to fulfill its mission of Value Engagement, there is no better time then now to become an active member of the Jacksonville Civil Justice Community. In addition to valuable networking and social events, the JJA offers its members a great line-up of seminars geared towards helping them to achieve justice in their day to day practice.

Membership Requirements

Membership to the JJA shall be on a yearly basis by invitation extended under the direction of the Board of Directors. As such, members must satisfactorily demonstrate that they:
1. Are duly licensed to practice law.
2. Are regular members in good standing with the Florida Bar
3. Are practicing personal injury law in Northeast Florida.
4. Are of good moral character.
5. Certify and state by separate written statement that in his or her own personal practice none of their work involves the defense of personal injury or wrongful death cases which is paid by an insurance carrier, nor does it involve litigating declaratory judgment actions regarding coverage for an insurance carrier.
6. Pay the established dues as members of this organization, as established by the Board of Directors.

Joining the JJA is Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 2. Print and fill out your application. Your application requires that it be endorsed by two current members. Contact us if you have a problem finding endorsers.
Step 3. Submit your application and your annual dues of $150. If you scan and email your completed application to, you can use our convenient and secure online payment option below to pay your dues. To send a check along with your application, please submit to:

Jacksonville Justice Association
P.O. Box 551636
Jacksonville, FL 32255
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